“Because I Believe In The Creative Powers Of Everyone.”

There is creativity in all of us. Many people have forgotten that. Yet the need for creativity is ever prevalent and – above all – the need is growing. Especially now that the world is changing due to disruptive technologies and the changes in our society.

I believe in the creative powers of everyone. I believe it can be addressed and rekindled. I believe creativity can lead to the best answers for the challenges to come. On a corporate level: defining the strategy action plan, gaining new markets, improving products and services. On a personal level: discovering and applying competences to a fuller extent. 

Creativity in organisations

Creativity is often lost and stifled by tradition, culture, processes and silos. People spend more time  on reporting and meetings than on actually creating added value.

People need a sense of beloning, a sense of direction and a sense of achievement. All three can be induced by the right strategy. A strategy with a clear and appealing vision. A strategy that is translated to the organisational structure, products & services, activities and last but not least the work of teams and individuals.

A maker’s society

The chapter of the specialist’s economy has ended. A new era of makers has begun. In a sense we tap back into the renaissance man. A person with a diverse skill set, interests and connections. It is valuable what you can do yourself, and it is priceless what you can do together.

Create Your Own.

What I do

  • Nahapiet facilitates teams in strategic challenges.
  • By making complex information accessible through visualisation and storytelling.
  • By adding creative DNA to the mix and igniting creativity within your team members.
  • By conducting a thorough analysis from the point of view of the customer, the market and the organisation.
  • So all stakeholders can understand the matter at hand, work towards solutions and have a productive decision making process.
  • And so business objectives are met by a consistent focus and omni-channel composition

Way of working

  1. Analysis.
    “Investigative journalists” unearthing new connections and insights. A thorough analysis of the customer, market and organisation.
  2.  Visualisation.
    Complex information made accessible and appealing through visualisation for all stakeholders. Results: a fruitful discussion on the strategy and decisions to be made.
  3. One team.
    Interim team member shaping the strategy-action-pan and setting up the necessary organisation, tools and processes.
  4. Creative DNA.
    Adding creative DNA and igniting it within your own staff.
  5. Execution.
    Daily focus on creating results: steering the organisation & plan, content marketing.

Definition of Creativity

“The ability to transcend that which is and create something new, meaningful and valuable.”


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Because I believe in the creative powers of everyone.

Because  I Believe In The Creative Powers Of Everyone

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