ElaadNL supporting strategic redefinition

ElaadNL is the leading authority on electronic vehicle (EV) infrastructure in The Netherlands. Due to the progress of the market and legislative changes, ElaadNL needed to redefine itself.

They have have been founded by the combined utilities organisations in 2009. Their prime objective in the first stage was to boost the deployment of charge points throughout The Netherlands. In the next stage ElaadNL is transforming from maintaining the infrastructure to the leading knowledge centre on EV-infrastructure: charging, smart charging, vehicle to grid, communication and hardware protocols, safety and data.

Client: ElaadNL

My role: Strategist, ad interim

My Activities: Stakeholder interviews, B2B customer interviews, Workshops, Visual Strategy Map, Business Presentation

My Partners: ElaadNL, Hannah Jansen Morrison

Results: new mission, new services, new business presentation.

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The question

Support the board of directors in drawing up the strategy for the next stage: vision, mission, the positioning in the market and the products & services offered.

Identity & Positioning

ElaadNL’s origin had its activities centre around the deployment and maintenance of charge point infrastructure. With that came the knowledge of communication and hardware protocols. As the market matured ElaadNL was uniquely positioned to fulfil an important new role. In their former role ElaadNL had acquired a vast international and diverse network, possessed unique knowledge of the operations of charge points. But above all, ElaadNL had seen its protocols become international standards.

This paved the way for the new role in the EV market: the leading knowledge centre on EV-infrastructure (smart charging, smart grid, vehicle to grid, connection local sustainable energy systems to the EV-infrastructure).

Activities & Services ElaadNL

The organisation is dynamic and flat, much like a startup / incubator. There is no deep hierarchical structure, but the company is made up as an interlinked set of self-reliant entities. It is herein that the strength of the organisation lies. Activities and services are adopted and conducted by the appropriate entity of one to five persons within ElaadNL. The new activities are mapped to the culture of the company: maintaining it’s primary operational strength and reaching a more formalised state of the services at the same time.


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Thumbnail, ElaadNL Onderzoeksveld / field of research

The EV landscape.

To draw up the research calendar & facilitate meetings with B2B stakeholders.

The results

  • Redefinition of the vision and mission.
  • Formalisation of activities and roles to the new services.
  • Visual Strategy Map.
  • Corporate Slide Deck.

“The work of Nahapiet & Morrison has enabled us to get a clear focus on the new direction. This has lead to a new way of working and a new vision on our role, activities and services. All of this resulted in us being able to execute the new chapter in our existence. The process was not an easy one for us, but the results count.”

Onoph Caron, Director ElaadNL

Because I believe in the creative powers of everyone.

Because  I Believe In The Creative Powers Of Everyone

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