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It had been a long time wish for some of the business stakeholders to change the corporate website rabobank.com. A shared vision among all stakeholders was lacking and was thereby hindering progress. A new taskforce team was setup with me in the lead to change that.


  • Revive and speed up the project
  • Set up a business strategy for the digital platform
  • Manage stakeholder’s expectations and acceptance

The first step was to form a core-team existing of the business owner (marketing communication), a business analyst (ICT) and myself. We were able to reposition the corporate site and build up a business rationale before we took on the concept and design of the platform.

Facts & Figures

Client: Rabobank

My role: Lead digital strategy

My Activities: Project plan, concept & design, stakeholder management, project implementation plan.

My Partners: Marisol Kemmel, Danielle van der Heijden, Unitid, Resoluut, Rabobank

“The gateway to a world of communities.”

The proposition of the digital channel to the world wide audiences.

These are some slides of the approach taken for the realisation Rabobank.com.

The core team from inception to business implementation.

The starting point: multiple activities had been conducted in relative seclusion. Those activities had yielded rich deliverables, but where unable to convince stakeholders in the end.

The objective, the role of the digital platform in the business model

5 key elements in our approach: the model to come to an effective online strategy, a new way of working (agile, scrum), stakeholder management (embedding the site in their department-plans), multi disciplinary team and internal commerce / branding of the project.

Making one story. Connecting the dots.

Customer insights: most important action after understanding the customer is to define added value (products & services) to the needs and journey of the customers.

Assessing the organisational readiness, business benefits and synergy between activities leads to an activity matrix.

The identity is the distinguishing factor. It should drive the brand behaviour in order to come true to the promise you make.

Developing the site is but one activity. The channel should be managed and operated after GoLive in order to come to full fruition.

Framework Digital Strategy

A framework for an online strategy. Developed while working on the digital strategies for BNP Paribas Fortis, Rabobank, Essent and other organisations.

Four aspects to address in setting up one solid story for a strategy:

  1. Customer Insights
  2. Business
  3. Identity
  4. (project) Approach


My activities

  • Planning & Team formation
  • Concept & Design: vision, corporate story and strategy
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project & Implementation plan


  • Acceptance by stakeholders
  • Budget was secured
  • Realisation of a new global corporate platform
  • New owner and new operational organisation
  • New visual identity

We needed to change the corporate site rabobank.com in many ways. Not only – not merely – the design. But most importantly the role in the business model, the concept of the platform, the ownership and the way we operated the platform on a daily basis.
Marcel has helped us tremendously in getting the results we needed. He was able to speed up the acceptance of the program, set up the vision and define the concept to build a new platform. Marcel can make complex information communicable in such a way that it inspires and taps into the creative powers of the teams he works with.

Marisol Kemmel

Product Owner: Digital Channel & Content Strategy, Rabobank

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