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Digital is the ever evolving connection to the customer


Status: statistics, customers, cashflows, products & services, organisational chart, business objectives for the digital channels, link with the corporate strategy, identity of the organisation.


Concepting: the ideation of the organisation, channels and content strategie. The concept is made by a dedicated and multidisciplinary team in word and vision. The usage of visualisation is used to facilitate effective communication with all stakeholders.


The development stage follows the same creative process: create, validate and refine. In parallel and mutual dependencies. Organisation: organogram, capabilities, tools & processes. Channels: prototype, production. Content: style (visual, text, video), production. Validation is conducted with customers and business owners.


The core of the digital team: concept & design + development + marketing & metrix. Changes in customer behavior, channel preferences and effectiveness determine the strategic management of web, app and social; owned, payed and earned.

Digital Strategy Services

dot22   Concept & Design

The ideation of a new digital service: the benefits for the customer, the business objectives. The conceptual design of the new digital service to illustrate the function and characteristics.
Description: Illustration of the new web, app or social channel in screens, flows and interaction.
Result: Briefing & Objective. For development: product back log / functions, illustration of screens and flow. For organisation: the roles, capabilities and processes to be developed. For content: the content strategy, style guide.

Keywords: concept, design, design rationale, design directive.
Clients: BNPParibasFortis, ABN Amro, Rabobank.

dot22   Customer Insights

Analysis of the customer segments (B2C, B2B, B2E) and innovation workshops to improve product-market combinations.
Description: The customer journey: the steps and actions customers take and encounter while preparing, selecting, buying and using your products / services. The persona: the needs and characteristics. The (improvements to) products and services.
Result: tangible innovation ideas for products and services, based on customer insights.

Keywords: service design, customer journey, customer journey mapping, persona, scenario, innovation, workshops, mind of the market.
Clients: ABN Amro, Rabobank, BNPParibasFortis, Essent, ElaadNL, Interpolis.

dot22   Product Owner

Quality assurance and management of the product back log during the development stages of a digital channel.
Description: Ad interim role.
Result: Features with the highest business benefits and added value to the customers are developed first. Stakeholder management
Keywords: product manager, product owner, agile, scrum, business benefits.
Clients: KPN, Rabobank



Rabobank Brasil » 
Digital Strategy
Results: new organisation, new channels, stakeholder alignment, increased customer satisfaction.




Digital Strategy.
Results: new organisation, dedicated digital teams, change management, increased online sales / conversion rate.




BNPParibasFortis »
Digital strategy

Results: new site, stakeholder alignement,




Because I believe in the creative powers of everyone.


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