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The ability to shape and convey the corporate identity is key to all social media. For any purpose: engagement, corporate, marketing, sales and customer services.


The social media plan is a living, breathing thing. It is important to get the basis right, and then further refine the strategy while being active on social media. There are core topics and there are adjacent topics that will help strengthening the relevance of the channel.


The execution should be done by “blog-minded” people with a diverse skill set. Storytelling. A deep infatuation and admiration for the company, topics and audiences. Graphic design. Writing. Metrix.


The learning cycle impacts everything: from the way social media are managed to the refinement of the social identity.

Social Media: modules

dot22   Social Media Strategy

The key is understanding your own identity and the dynamics of the audiences. The tools and methods follow.
Description: plan defining the identity, audiences, style, topics, calendar, organisation, channels and tools.
Result: playbook for the team + social media management & handover.
Keywords: social media strategy.
Clients: Rabobank, Yacht, Personal Work.

dot22   Social Media Training & Workshops

Social media brings a companies identity to life. People working with your social media should therefore be aware and able to shape your face perfectly.
Description: Tailor made programme, depending on the specific need.
Result: skills on: storytelling, engaging, writing, graphics, tools.
Keywords: social media, coaching, training.
Clients: Yacht.

dot22   Social Media Management

Operating social media goes well beyond the “publish” button. It is about timing, choosing the right way to react – or not react – what to say and how to say it.
Description: daily operations, ad interim
Result: managed social media.
Keywords: social media, facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, instagram, youtube.
Clients: Personal work.



Social Media field analysis
Results: increase of online reach.



Personal work

  • Yirry Yanya accounts: facebook, tumblr, twitter, instagram, youtube.
  • FishPeople accounts: facebook, twitter, goolge+

Both accounts are Kate Bush centred, non-commercial. Yirry Yanya is a personal account. FishPeople is a group account (8 moderators).

The activities included: connecting with fans (with, by and for fans), organisation of online contests, news & rumours.

Because I believe in the creative powers of everyone.


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