Strategy is a purposeful plan in action


Status: market, clients, cashflows, products & services, organisational chart, developments and characteristics of these aspects.


A set of choices: the mission and ambition of the organisation, the identity in the field. The target audiences and how the services can offer genuine added value to them. The capabilities needed of the organisation of create added value and the operational system to manage it.


Daily execution of the plan: production, operations, communication, management. Monitoring progress and changes in impacting factors. Feedback loop to the pillars of the strategy.

Strategy Services

dot22   Vision, Identity & Proposition

Forming the foundation of the corporate strategy. Made with the whole team. Based on analysis (market, customer, business).
Description: the vision of the company on it’s role and ambition, the identity (brand behaviour, personality) and the products and services offered.
Result: a solid story. Essential for the understanding and adoption of the strategy by the entire staff.

Keywords: vision, identity, proposition, mission, strategy, corporate, story, storytelling, visie, identiteit, positionering, propositie, strategie.
Clients: Rabobank, Pon, ElaadNL, Essent.

dot22   Customer Insights

Analysis of the customer segments (B2C, B2B, B2E) and innovation workshops to improve product-market combinations.
Description: The customer journey: the steps and actions customers take and encounter while preparing, selecting, buying and using your products / services. The persona: the needs and characteristics. The (improvements to) products and services.
Result: tangible innovation ideas for products and services, based on customer insights.
Keywords: service design, customer journey, customer journey mapping, persona, scenario, innovation, workshops, mind of the market.
Clients: ABN Amro, Rabobank, BNPParibasFortis, Essent, ElaadNL, Interpolis.


dot22   Visual Strategy Map

A visualisation of business analysis. A communication means bridging the gaps between different interests, terminology and disciplines.
Description: A visualisation of the developments on and connections between: customers, technology, market, regulation and your business operations.
Result: input for innovation workshops. “The rosetta stone of…” enabling a diverse set of stakeholders to understand and communicate: board of directors, technology staff, marketing, product managers, employees, external parties. Publication for internal or external purposes.
Keywords: visualisation, business analysis, market analysis, graphic design, visual storytelling.
Clients: ElaadNL.

dot22   Business Presentation

Exclusive offering: board room level only.
Presentation of the strategy for internal and / or external audiences.
Describing: pdf, keynote or ppt with a solid and compelling story conveying the essence of your point in words, graphics and storyline.
Result: intended effect on the target audience.
Keywords: keynote, presentation, visualisation, graphic design, storytelling.
Clients: Essent, Rabobank, ElaadNL.




Supporting strategic redefinition.
Results: new mission, new services, new business presentation.


Digital Strategy
Results: new organisation, new channel.



Online department
Results: new structure, increase of online sales.



Strategy & Innovation.
Results: visual strategy map, year plan, vision energietransition.



Because I believe in the creative powers of everyone.


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